A Veneza de Portugal

Aveiro is full of flavour

Eel stewed or marinated, skate with pitau sauce and mussel skewers. There is also ocean fish and the faithful friend, codfish. To accompany, you have refreshing wines with the spirit and the soul of the Dão or sparkling wines from Bairrada..

Other Flavours: Lampantana style mutton roasted in a black clay pot or roasted suckling pig.   Sweets include ovos moles (local delicacy made with eggs yolks and sugar), perhaps the most famous of the region, sold in painted wooden barrels, or in wafers with nautical shapes that are a symbol of the city.


Puxadoiros Island, see the value given to products from the island, the salt and the fleur de sel “flower of salt”, Salicornia and other halophyte plants, the Oysters and the Aquaculture (in tanks adapted from former salt pans) of various species: clams, flounder and sea bass

Troncalhada Marina Eco-Museum, observe the ancestral methods of salt production in the Aveiro region

Moliceiro boat trip, enjoy the Ria while savouring the famous ovos moles (local delicacy made with egg yolks and sugar) accompanied by a sparkling wine from Bairrada

Navalria Docas (naval construction and repair) with a dry dock, prepared to receive vessels up to 100m in length and another adapted to hoist vessels up to 60m

Docking berth of the AVELA club and, in the Pirâmides Canal, the Troncalhada Marina Ecomuseum, where ancient methods of salt production in the region can be observed, as well as some species of fauna and flora

Aveiro Museum, discover the history of the city and its people

Art Nouveau Route, with a mandatory visit to the classic building of the former Aveiro Port Authority, considered one of the most significant examples of Art Nouveau. (Aveiro is the city-museum of Art Nouveau in Portugal, and member of the “Réseau Art Nouveau Network” together with Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Glasgow, Helsinki and Havana)

Dão and Bairrada wine route

Não perca

Festival da Lampreia, do Sável e da Enguia – organizado pela Confraria Gastronómica “O Moliceiro”

Regata anual de barcos moliceiros – 1º fim-de-semana de Agosto, no âmbito da Festa do Emigrante

Festa em honra de São Paio, das maiores romarias do país, que integra regata de moliceiros e o fogo-de-artifício, na Ria e no Mar – 8 de setembro