Figueira da Foz

Sol e mar na cidade da foz de um rio

Figueira da Foz is full of flavour

Fishermen’s flavours in rich fish stews, pastas or soups, where the variety of fish seem to fight for rank and flavour, among them, monkfish, skate, cat shark, dogfish and common torpedo. There is also rice with sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel, pouting, shrimp from the Figueira coast and other seafood, fried whitebait and skate with pitau sauce. From the river, there is lamprey and allis shad, flavours not to be missed in this land of sea and the Mondego River’s mouth, whose fish and seafood are the calling cards of its gastronomy.

Other Flavours: recommended and curious are the flavours which were almost forgotten, but have been recovered, such as the brisas (convent sweet) from Figueira da Foz and the sweet papas de moado, unusual dessert made of pig blood paired in perfect harmony with corn flour, spices, sugar and dried fruit.


The fishing port

The expansive beaches with white sand are like no others: Claridade beach, preferred by aristocrats since the end of the nineteenth century, and also the beaches of Murtinheira, Cabo Mondego – Mina, Teimoso, Tamargueira, Molhe Norte, Cabedelo, Cova Gala, Costa de Lavos and Leirosa

The experiences and adrenalin of the famous gigantic waves, a mile in length or the tranquillity of the longest Portuguese river – the Mondego

The seaside avenue is a trademark of the city

Bairro Novo, which was constructed during the sixties facing the ocean, inspired by French beach resorts and where elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco can be found everywhere

Museum Group of the Sea, which safeguards the memories of the local fishing communities, including the Santa Catarina Fort, among many other places of history and culture; the Santa Rocha Municipal Museum, with archaeological and ethnographic collections and a fabulous collection of Delft Tiles from the Casa do Paço, the largest in Europe

Serra da Boa Viagem for its archaeological richness and Parque das Abadias (“Abbey Park”)

The area along the riverbank and the Bom Sucesso ponds

Salt Pan Route and Rice Fields Route, land routes

Casino which gave Figueira its cosmopolitan character. It offers daily shows, game rooms, bars and restaurants, serving traditional Portuguese cuisine

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Figueira with sea Flavour 2016 (activities around)
Traditional Fish – March (18th to 27th)
Sardines and Mackerel – June (7th to 11th)
Fish Stews – September  (2nd to 11th)