Percurso sustentável para disfrute da natureza na faixa atlântica

Murtosa is full of flavour

Eels are the most popular fish. They can be eaten in stews, fried or marinated. There is also lamprey, cuttlefish, cockles and other diverse fish, used in the traditional Fishermen’s Fish Stew, and are a reference point in the local gastronomy.

Other Flavours: diverse meat dishes, highlighting rojões à lavrador (farmer style chunks of fried pork). With regard to sweets, there is Monte Branco, and Âncora tarts and Pão-de-Ló (sponge cake) from Barquinho.


Visit the Comur factory and museum, locally known as the “Eel Factory”, which has exported its marinated eels throughout the world since 1942

Arte Xávega, practised with oxen raised near the coast. It was the first form of fishing which existed in the region, using saveiro boats, traditional half-moon shaped boats

Discover all the different types of traditional fishing vessels (Caçadeira, Bateira de Bica, Mercantel, Berbigoeira, Bateira de Canelas, Bateira sem Bica, Barco de Mar)

Construction and repair of moliceiros (traditional seaweed-gathering boat), at the hands of Master José Rito, at the Shipyard Museum of the Monte Branco Beach in Torreira.

NaturRia path, healthy and fun trips, with or without a guide to visit the Ria, the beaches, streams, lagoons and anchorages, the monuments and places which represent the history of Murtosa, proud of its traditions and local resources

Ethnographic Museum of Murtosa, where the region’s traditions and arts can be discovered, such as seaweed gathering

Discover the handicrafts of Murtosa, using wood, wicker and reeds, which reflect the ancient traditions, culture and habits of this coastal population

Don't miss

Lamprey Festival, the shad and eel – organized by the Gastronomic Confraternity “The Moliceiro”

Moliceiros Annual Regatta – 1st weekend of August, as part of the Emigrant celebrations

Feast in honor of “São Paio”, one of the biggest celebrations in the country, which includes moliceiros race and fireworks in “Ria” and in the Sea – 8th September