Um lugar de trilogia, de sol, de mar e de ria

Vagos is full of flavour

Flavours and aromas of excellence, connected to the sea and the Ria, in ocean fish stews, marinated or traditional fried dishes. From the Ria of Aveiro canal which winds through Vagos, there are small bivalves and crustaceans. However, it is the famous stewed eels that are the stars of local gastronomy. Accompany the dishes with refreshing white wines or sparkling wines from Bairrada.

Other Flavours: vegetables grown in the fertile soil found here, rabbit, usually roasted, and chanfana (roasted mutton) in a clay pot. There is also pumpkin porridge, rojões (fried pork chunks), crackling, sarrabulho (stewed pork and kid innards with blood) and Bairrada style roasted suckling pig.


Boco River, a mixture of water from various sources mixed with the saltwater of the Ria of Aveiro. Ships once sailed on these waters, but today one may enjoy the landscape of the winding valleys and typical flora of humid areas.

Vagueira and Areão beaches, the first where you can witness Arte Xávega, artisanal coastal fishing and the second to enjoy the tranquillity of the beach

Natural heritage classified as a Special Protection Zone of the Ria of Aveiro and Dunes of Mira, Gândara and Gafanhas, within the scope of the Natura Network 2000

Architectural Heritage: Nossa Senhora de Vagos Sanctuary, Espírito Santo Chapel, Misericórdia Chapel, Great Church of Vagos, Viscount of Valdemouro Palace, S. Sebastião Chapel, Great Church of Soza, S. Romão Windmills, House-Museum – Gandaresa House, Pedricosa House, Boco Watermills

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Vagos Sensation Gourmet, the gastronomy, wine, chefs all in Praia (beach) da Vagueira, always with a great focus on the sea, fish, local traditions, local markets, art-Xávega and its performers and teachers: fishermen

The Pilgrimage to “Nossa Senhora de Vagos” is happens at the 2nd Monday after the Sunday of the “Espírito Santo” (Holy Spirit).