Vila de Rei

Mesmo no centro o de Portugal

Vila de Rei is full of flavour

All of the gastronomy here is elevated to cultural heritage status. Noteworthy are the famous fish soups and codfish dishes, prepared in the Vila de Rei or Cobra style. There are various fish options, such as the largemouth bass, which is considered here to be the “trout of the south”, the barb, the boga and the carp, which can be fried or grilled. Seasonally, there is allis shad and lamprey. Everything washed down with wine from Beira Interior.

Other Flavours: to whet your appetite there are a lot of snacks, cheeses and smoked sausages. Then there are the flavours of game, when in season, such as wild rabbit, partridge and boar. There is always stuffed sheep’s stomach, stuffed goat’s stomach, roasted kid, lamb stew, Vila de Rei boiled dinner, migas (cabbage and cornbread) and bread stew. People’s tables in Vila de Rei have always been laden with delicious dishes, but also sweet dishes, such as cakes, rice pudding from Vila de Rei, tigeladas (egg custards) and honey cakes. For cheese lovers, there are many different cheeses to choose from, yellow, spicy and many others, always from the Beiras!


Sport fishing at the Castelo Bode Reservoir

River beaches, such as Bostelim, Fernadaires, Pego das Cancelas, Zaboeira and Penedo Furado

Geodesic Centre and Museum, which affords visitors the opportunity to feel like they are at the centre of Portugal with a 360º view of the vast horizon, of note being the view of Serra da Lousã and, if it is a clear day, Serra da Estrela, almost 100km in the distance

Visit the Schist Village of Água Formosa, whilst searching for the waters of the spring found here and which lent its name to the village.

Nature trails: the schist trail route of Água Formosa, Bostelim route, Conheiras route, Zêzere route, Bufareiras trail, waterfall trail, Fragas do Rabadão and Poios waterfalls

Municipal ethnographic museum and village museum

Municipal market selling local products and showcasing local handicrafts (traditional embroidery from Castelo Branco)

Ferrugenta Olive Oil Press

Don't miss

Cod and olive oil Festival – the week before Easter

Achigã (Largemouth Bass) Gastronomic Festival – The week of the October 5th holiday

Soups & Snacks Festival – April

Medieval Market – 3rd Sunday of May

São João (St. John ) Fair – 3rd Sunday of June

Sausage, cheese and honey Fair – the last week of July and 1st weekend of August