Vila Nova da Barquinha

No meio do Tejo exibe o mais belo castelo de Portugal

Vila Nova da Barquinha is full of flavour

Because the area is bathed by 3 rivers, the Tejo, Zêzere and Nabão, the stews are delicious, as is the soup using fresh water fish, the barb with sauce, mullet on a roof tile, allis shad and bread stew, lamprey rice and the fishermen style eels.


Other Flavours: fried kid and velhoses (fried pieces of dough) which pair nicely with the local artisanal liqueurs.


Trip to Castelo de Almourol, memory of the Templar knights and one of the most emblematic medieval military monuments in the country

The river is perfect for the practice of radical sports

Barquinha Parque, which in 2007 was awarded the National Landscape Architecture Award in the category of Exterior Spaces for Public Use

Diver of Almourol, together with offers from nautical centres

Ethnographic Museum 21, which houses a treasure of antiques and curiosities, collected by the owner, which tell the story of the village. It is also a bar with traditional and original decor, where each decorative piece has its own history.

Museum of Military Engineering and the Airborne Troops Museum

Don't miss

Shad and lamprey month – March weekends in participating restaurants. Entitles you to a boat ride in the river Tejo, from Tancos to the Almourol Castle pier.

Season Fair – May and November

County Events/ Tejo Fair, with “tasquinhas” (pubs), animation and ethnography – June

River and Villages Party, which unites two places separated by the Tejo River – August

“In the table with olive oil”, tasting olive oils in participating restaurants – December